I am so touched

Not. I like how connected I am with friends and family back home; with the advancements made in technology and telephony keeping in touch has obviously never been cheaper or easier. Unless your telco fails ( I AM LOOKING AT YOU, BT.) I digress. Again. Anyway, it’s ‘nice’ to know that I have ‘friends’ who … Continue reading I am so touched


Happy New Year everyone.  Or rather, happy new day 🙂 We start every day clean, really. We sleep, go through the daily ablutions and motions, and carry out a reset – so why should the new year be a specific time for a reboot? Why can’t we just properly start anew each day? Lost a … Continue reading Hi.

Driving Me Crazy

I am such a klutz that I have been injured, on several occasions, just doing nothing – such as having my laptop fall on my foot in the midst of a conference call, walking into the laundry post (and having a resulting Harry-Potterish wound on my forehead), running into a wall… And the list goes … Continue reading Driving Me Crazy

On feeding time

I eat when I am hungry. And the meals (and meal-times I feed at) are pretty set. However, things are really different here in the UK. (Sorry about the above pic – I cook regularly but just realised I don’t really take pics! They are ugly though. THE PICS!) Getting used to it. But I … Continue reading On feeding time