What Price, Running?(1)

5 thoughts on “What Price, Running?(1)”

  1. I shared your experience with trail shoes. Trail running seems like such a good thing to do. I bought a nice set of new balance trail running shoes, and used them once. Though I have started using them for our Friday morning hill runs, which are the closest I’ve come to a trail run since buying them.

    But I also bought some of the barefoot type 0-drop shoes, and the first time I ran with them my knees were sore for a couple of days. Then I realised I’d been running wrong and my super padded shoes had been covering it up. With the lightweight shoes I can feel it when I get tired and lazy and the technique seems to slip.

    So I have a few pairs of shoes now. Haven’t got into the special socks yet. I did notice one morning someone running with what looked like special running gloves. I thought that was silly. Then a few weeks later it was particularly cold and I thought, boy it’d be good to have some gloves that were wind and water proof but still light enough to use your phone with. Ooohh… I now have running gloves.

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