This Christmas

… will be very different indeed. The mountain tortoise that I am will be visiting the UK for the very first time and I AM EXCITED. WHY? BECAUSE I GET TO EAT LIKE PACMAN! I AM SO SO SO SO SO HAPPY! The SO has been planning where to take me to feed and visit … Continue reading This Christmas

Dear Ms Williams

A letter to tennis superstar Serena Williams: I was never a tennis fan; I watch what comes on the telly occasionally and cheer, in general, for underdogs. This is something I do regardless of sport, or discipline. When you came to Singapore two weeks ago I caught you live in action, where you steamrolled Bouchard and … Continue reading Dear Ms Williams

The mob has spoken

I don’t condone what Jover Chew did – it is terrible. For those not in Singapore there was a case of a Vietnamese chap who was, in short, swindled of his hard earned cash by said protagonist above. The poor tourist even knelt to beg this piece of work for a refund. And prior to … Continue reading The mob has spoken

On cooking

Friends expressed surprise at me posting pictures of my kitchen adventures – ‘YOU COOK? SINCE WHEN’? Since forever, me dears. Just that I never posted stuff about it. When my folks split in my adolescence I had to learn not to set wherever we were staying in on fire, and I learnt to be self-reliant. And … Continue reading On cooking