On feeding time

I eat when I am hungry. And the meals (and meal-times I feed at) are pretty set. However, things are really different here in the UK. (Sorry about the above pic – I cook regularly but just realised I don’t really take pics! They are ugly though. THE PICS!) Getting used to it. But I … Continue reading On feeding time

An eggy headache

We have #saladmonday and #saladwednesday in the office (just four of us now), primarily because it is ridiculous paying so much money for a few leaves and be faced with a limited range of options for protein and greens. Which then leads me to one of the things I played with the past two weeks: … Continue reading An eggy headache

Cans canned

You know, the SO was shocked a few months ago when I told him that the Bovril we have in Singapore does not contain beef. He was so disgusted that the first thing he did when we got back from the UK earlier in the year was to go to the fridge and chuck the … Continue reading Cans canned

On cooking

Friends expressed surprise at me posting pictures of my kitchen adventures – ‘YOU COOK? SINCE WHEN’? Since forever, me dears. Just that I never posted stuff about it. When my folks split in my adolescence I had to learn not to set wherever we were staying in on fire, and I learnt to be self-reliant. And … Continue reading On cooking

Bali bumming

There are so many reasons to love Bali. The food, the people, the standard of living. Everything. I very recently visited the island again (did two solo trips last year- once to Ubud in June, and the other in Seminyak in October.) but this time, traveled with two other friends. While I had a blast … Continue reading Bali bumming