Driving Me Crazy

I am such a klutz that I have been injured, on several occasions, just doing nothing – such as having my laptop fall on my foot in the midst of a conference call, walking into the laundry post (and having a resulting Harry-Potterish wound on my forehead), running into a wall… And the list goes … Continue reading Driving Me Crazy

On cooking

Friends expressed surprise at me posting pictures of my kitchen adventures – ‘YOU COOK? SINCE WHEN’? Since forever, me dears. Just that I never posted stuff about it. When my folks split in my adolescence I had to learn not to set wherever we were staying in on fire, and I learnt to be self-reliant. And … Continue reading On cooking


Meet my new friend, Bernie.  I think she’s beautiful. But I am also very scared. You see, I bit the bullet the other day and decided to buy Her. And no it wasn’t on a whim that I did it. I had a very, very long hard think about it. Those who know me realise … Continue reading Bernie