Happy New Year everyone.  Or rather, happy new day 🙂 We start every day clean, really. We sleep, go through the daily ablutions and motions, and carry out a reset – so why should the new year be a specific time for a reboot? Why can’t we just properly start anew each day? Lost a … Continue reading Hi.

On feeding time

I eat when I am hungry. And the meals (and meal-times I feed at) are pretty set. However, things are really different here in the UK. (Sorry about the above pic – I cook regularly but just realised I don’t really take pics! They are ugly though. THE PICS!) Getting used to it. But I … Continue reading On feeding time

I want to elope

Someone dear to me told me a few weeks ago that his son had gone and gotten his marriage registered at their equivalent of Singapore’s ROM (Registry of Marriage). No fanfare, nothing. Another dear friend recounted his marriage registration – he had traipsed along to the Registry with two other friends and his Intended, and … Continue reading I want to elope