Why so unhappy?

So apparently there’s this anti #100daysofhappiness blog entry complaining about how posts are banal. I don’t get it. So your definition of happiness is different. And that makes you superior, how? Life is tough. But wait… ‘That’s life. ‘ Shouldn’t we look for the positive? Advertisements Continue reading Why so unhappy?

Baking battles

I used to think  baking was easy.. After  all, it is just  measuring  the right  amount /volume  of water/flour/whatever you  want  and placing  it in  the  oven,  right?  I was wrong.  So, so wrong.  It is not like Chemistry  class  in  school; there  is just  so much to do, to measure,  to look out for.  … Continue reading Baking battles

Sorry – been away

And sick. Have been struggling with tummy trouble for close to a month and things don’t seem to be moving as quickly as I would like. Hey.. I AM STILL ALIVE THOUGH. And I did go for a few runs the past weeks, albeit at horrendously slow paces. Next race is in three weeks’. So … Continue reading Sorry – been away

Being Happy

So a couple of friends and I have embarked on a little project called #100happydays. The premise of this challenge is for one to take a picture of something that makes you happy, post the image on a social media platform, and repeat this for 100 days. So far it’s been Day 2. This exercise … Continue reading Being Happy