I am not by nature a violent person. Can’t tell, right? Clarence,  my trainer at my gym, will attest to this. I am pretty much a wuss when confronted. It’s one thing to kick and punch pads; it’s another to hit a human. I am terrified of hurting anyone physically. Which makes it strange for … Continue reading Catharsis

Bali bumming

There are so many reasons to love Bali. The food, the people, the standard of living. Everything. I very recently visited the island again (did two solo trips last year- once to Ubud in June, and the other in Seminyak in October.) but this time, traveled with two other friends. While I had a blast … Continue reading Bali bumming

Being Happy

So a couple of friends and I have embarked on a little project called #100happydays. The premise of this challenge is for one to take a picture of something that makes you happy, post the image on a social media platform, and repeat this for 100 days. So far it’s been Day 2. This exercise … Continue reading Being Happy