Circle of Life

I buried two of Auntie’s chickens in the past few months and frankly, was and still am devastated. They died on my watch, you see. Or more specifically, while I am here. But they were really old – no matter,I do feel like I let her down and recognize I am being silly, but still. Hens … Continue reading Circle of Life

Baking battles

I used to think  baking was easy.. After  all, it is just  measuring  the right  amount /volume  of water/flour/whatever you  want  and placing  it in  the  oven,  right?  I was wrong.  So, so wrong.  It is not like Chemistry  class  in  school; there  is just  so much to do, to measure,  to look out for.  … Continue reading Baking battles


I am not by nature a violent person. Can’t tell, right? Clarence,  my trainer at my gym, will attest to this. I am pretty much a wuss when confronted. It’s one thing to kick and punch pads; it’s another to hit a human. I am terrified of hurting anyone physically. Which makes it strange for … Continue reading Catharsis