I want to elope

Someone dear to me told me a few weeks ago that his son had gone and gotten his marriage registered at their equivalent of Singapore’s ROM (Registry of Marriage). No fanfare, nothing. Another dear friend recounted his marriage registration – he had traipsed along to the Registry with two other friends and his Intended, and … Continue reading I want to elope

Cans canned

You know, the SO was shocked a few months ago when I told him that the Bovril we have in Singapore does not contain beef. He was so disgusted that the first thing he did when we got back from the UK earlier in the year was to go to the fridge and chuck the … Continue reading Cans canned

Goodbye, Mr Lee

Today my country lost a hero, a titan, a Man who set a vision for this island nation, who transformed what was essentially a tiny outpost, to what it is today – a global city. He was an imposing figure, and I remember always being struck by how full of conviction he sounded whenever he … Continue reading Goodbye, Mr Lee

On cooking

Friends expressed surprise at me posting pictures of my kitchen adventures – ‘YOU COOK? SINCE WHEN’? Since forever, me dears. Just that I never posted stuff about it. When my folks split in my adolescence I had to learn not to set wherever we were staying in on fire, and I learnt to be self-reliant. And … Continue reading On cooking